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Dr. Vonda Wright is a dynamic and engaging speaker whose style continues to captivate audiences from Corporate Expo to academics, community groups to the boardroom.  She likes to speak to organizations that want to take control of their individual and corporate health to live the best of life.

Dr Vonda Wright Corporate Health TopicsDrawing from more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Wright couples her clinical and research pedigree with her love of teaching to educate, inspire, motivate and entertain.

Dr. Wright has spoken for a diverse collection of organizations including Starkist, Koppers, Aetna, The US Congress, NACWAA (National Association of Collegiate Women Athletics Association) Dick’s Sporting Goods Marathon Expo, MORE/Fitness Expo, Citicorp Smith Barney, Dollar Bank, PNC Bank, West Point, The Army War College, Chatham University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Western Ontario, Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle National Women’s Tour and the Canadian Women’s Society to name a few.

Dr. Wright’s favorite topics include:

Public Policy
Productivity in Prime Time- vitalizing the aging workforce
Recently invited to present this topic before a US Congressional Briefing, Dr. Wright discusses the strategies and challenges of maintaining the vitality of our aging workforce.  Business leaders recognize the acumen of this brain-trust and must take action to stimulate continued productivity.

Personal & Corporate Wellness
Live Long and Prosper-
This speech inspires and informs people to make the rest of their life the Best of their life.  Dr. Wright explains how to add high-quality years to your life and empowers listeners to embrace a healthy, vital, active…Thriving future.  Ideally suited for the corporate or community groups seeking to energize membership. Based on: Dr. Vonda Wright’s Guide to THRIVE

Personal & Corporate Wellness
4 Steps to Body | Brains | Bliss-
Dr. Wright explains how the best health is no accident but requires purposeful strategic planning.  This fun speech or workshop unfolds the 4 steps for Creating A Vision for your future, taking Action via Move-ing and Eat-ing, addressing Attitudes that create barriers tohealth and the amazing science between the body-brain- connection and measuring Achievement in short and long term health.  Perfect for executive innovation seminars, university or community groups.  Based on: Dr. Vonda Wright’s Guide to THRIVE

**This program can also be modified for investment/financial groups as the strategic planning is couched in parallels to “Physical Wealth, ROI, diversification, dividends, etc”

Fitness After 40
Still Got Game-Fitness After 40
Whether you are an adult onset exerciser, weekend warrior or elite masters athlete you can maximize performance and minimize injury by learning to F.A.C.E. your future via Wright fitness and smart nutrition.  Dr. Wright teaches participants the true biology of aging and peak performance. Ideal for sports and community groups. Based on: Fitness After 40

Business & Entrepreneurship
Playing with the Boys-
In a profession comprised of more than 97% male colleagues, Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Vonda Wright has learned a few things about succeeding in a “man’s” world while not giving up the advantages of being a woman.  Dr. Wright lays out strategies for not only surviving but also thriving in business and academia.  This informative and entertaining speech is perfect for female executives, women’s groups and the university setting.

Business & Entrepreneurship
Business Success stories as told by the Disney Princesses
Blending her roles as entrepreneur and mommy, Dr. Wright presents a playful discussion of hard-core business success principles as illustrated via the Disney Princesses. These ladies are not just pretty faces but overcome great odds to rule kingdoms and conquer armies.  A perfect interlude for women’s groups, executives, and mommyprenuers.

Science Fiction is now Reality- regenerative medicine is changing how we live
We live in an amazing age of medical discovery and innovation.  The imagination of science fiction epics is becoming reality as we harness the body’s potential for healing and regenerating itself as well and fuse the line between man and machine.  Dr. Wright draws on her more than 20 years of research experience to illuminate today’s “wonders of the world” for non-science business and community audiences.

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