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5 Remarkable Facts About the Future of Healthcare

Emerging technologies give hope that healthcare can solve some of the world’s most challenging health-related issues. And, patient-focused healthcare research has enhanced our ability to create technologies that solve real-world problems. There’s a lot to look forward to! Here are five remarkable facts about the future of healthcare.
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Nourish Your Body to Live Longer

With so many ways to manage your health, sometimes adopting a “healthy lifestyle” can seem overwhelming. If there’s one change you have time to make, it’s this: Shift to a whole-foods, plant-based approach to eating. This is the most impactful way to turn back the clock and extend your health span!
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3 Reasons Why Health is the Most Important Issue for Women in Business

There is a lot of focus now on empowering women to successfully climb to the top of the business ladder. We are working to remove historic barriers, opening the doors of opportunity and educating more women than ever before. We are talking all the time about ‪‎balance‬ and told to ‪lean in‬, we ‪mentor‬ and […]
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Eat Right. Run Right.

What to Eat when You are Training for a Marathon We kicked off running season with the Pittsburgh Marathon Training Kick-Off Run on Saturday! It was a beautiful day of weather and I led the runners in their dynamic warmup! What you eat before your run is included in this warm up. When you eat right, […]
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F.A.C.E. Your Future in the New Year

There is No Fitness Expiration Date. Masters athletes often share stories about how they are told to “grow up and act your age” by neighbors, friends and doctors who both marvel at an aging athlete’s youthful zeal and shake their heads in wonder. But this often leaves us shaking our heads! Masters athletes are acting […]
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Here’s How To Master Your Age

Age Does Not Determine Your Fitness Level. I wrote“Fitness After 40: Your STRONG Body at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond!” with one goal in mind:  to empower you in the best half of your life to take control of your body and master how it ages.  No matter what your age or skill level, you were designed […]
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