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The Forgotten Demographic: Why a Female-centered Approach to Biotech is Critical

Biotech has a woman problem, and it's complex and multifaceted. Here’s why we need to include this forgotten demographic.
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Fitness After40 -Red

Fitness AFTER 40: Your STRONG Body at 40, 50, 60 and Beyond!

A tale as old as time! My goal is to change the way we age. Why is that? Because I know that the age-old concept of getting weaker as your birthday cake candles glow stronger is a myth. It’s nothing but a fairy tale… a thing of the past. Through my work and research I have seen […]
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How F.A.R. Can You Go?

THRIVE Week 10: How F.A.R. Can You Go? F.A.C.E Your Future

Our bodies are designed to MOVE!  Our bodies are built with form and function in mind. We have powerful legs to propel us forward and our buttocks that are intended to slow down momentum and keep us upright. (New to THRIVE or missed a few?  Catch up on all of the THRIVE blog here!) As […]
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Long Road home

THRIVE Week 9: A Vision of Your Bright Future

Today is the day that we start to crank it up a notch!  You are committed at this point, so now you are ready for more challenges more often! (New to the THRIVE blogs or need to renew your commitment? Catch up on all of the THRIVE series blogs here.) Continuing from here, you will […]
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Mobility Matters! YOU control 70% of your health and aging everyday!

Yesterday I walked out of the operating room at Mercy Southside Surgi-Center tired but exhilarated!  Six patients and I had partnered, via surgery, to restore their mobility and put them on a track to get out of pain, gain strength and get their lives back! Whether in the OR, the office, the playing field, or […]
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iliotibial band

ITB Syndrome “Hip Bursitits”

What is ITB Syndrome “Hip Bursitits” As your racing schedule heats up many of you will arrive in my office with “hip pain.”  What most people don’t know if that pain coming from your actual “hip joint” shows up in your groin.  The pain most runners attribute to their hip is acutally right over the […]
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