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The Forgotten Demographic: Why a Female-centered Approach to Biotech is Critical

Biotech has a woman problem, and it's complex and multifaceted. Here’s why we need to include this forgotten demographic.
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Shin Splints

Whether you are a seasoned marathoner ramping up for your next race or just lacing up your running shoes for the first time, pain in the front of your lower legs, commonly known as “shin splints” can really slow you down. “Shin splints” the pain you feel over the front of the lower leg with […]
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The HEART of the matter: the TRUE and FALSE of saving yourself from heart attack

Something is killing women in this country at an alarming rate!  It is not bird flu, e.coli, swine flu or many of the other flashes you see everyday on news stands.  The number one killer of vital women in this country is heart disease. Our hearts are amazing muscles.  They start beating 6 weeks after […]
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Still Got Game!

Still Got Game! Perhaps no town is more fickle than Hollywood. Fashion trends come and go, no-names rise to stardom, and well-known celebrities lose their place on the A list just as fast as they gain it. Though change ironically seems to be the only constant in Hollywood, another timeless preoccupation continues to pervade the […]
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Be a Mover and a Shaker!

We are designed to move!  Look at yourself in the mirror.  You have two strong legs, three layers of core muscles wrapping around your middle to stabilize your pelvis and the largest muscle in your body, your buttocks, designed specifically to move you forward.  There is a reason your buttocks covers your backside and the […]
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Reasons to be cheerful!

The many, and sometimes surprising, ways that exercise is good for you If knowledge is power, then 78 percent of people over 50 say they are empowered with the knowledge that exercise is the key to healthy aging. Yet fewer than 30 percent of all Americans invest a minimum of 30 minutes a day in […]
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