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Vision Without Execution is Just a Pipedream: Turning Your Biotech Idea Into a Reality

Biotech is an industry with the ability to transform how our society thinks and operates. It’s capable of creating impressive medical marvels and drastically improving our way of life.
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Wow’d by Winter Champions!

This is Winter Classic week here in Pittsburgh….and for anyone watching the NHL! The City is a-buzz with more than 70 events leading up to the outdoor extravaganza.  I hope it snows….can you imaging watching the best hockey players in the world outdoors in the snow on Heinz Field….Magic! I aways marvel at the amazing […]
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The Speaker

Merry Days ahead!

Like many of you I have been busy running all over town finishing my year’s work, filling my house with great food and preparing for Christmas Day with my family and friends. It all leaves me breathless but joyful! These are Merry days and some of the best in the year. In the week between […]
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Body, Brains and Bliss

Body, Brains and Bliss! As an Orthopod, I began coaching my patients to change their bodies through fitness in order to save their mobility, a key factor in remaining vital and active. What I have learned, however, is that we are not only saving mobility but saving lives! Taking control of our physical bodies is […]
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Healthy, Vital, Active, Joyful!!!

Healthy, vital, active, joyful. These are not typically words associated with aging and yet an entire generation of healthy, vital, active and joyful people are changing the very paradigm of aging in this country. This group is YOU…and the amazing athletes over 40, from weekend warrior to elite competitors, who fill my office looking for […]
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