Vision Without Execution is Just a Pipedream: Turning Your Biotech Idea Into a Reality

Biotech is an industry with the ability to transform how our society thinks and operates. It’s capable of creating impressive medical marvels and drastically improving our way of life.
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visions of mobility and healthcare

Visions of Mobility and Healthcare

While age-related diseases, ability changes, and cognitive functions change as we get older, health-related technologies are enabling us as a society to find more ways of moving even as we age. The orthopedic industry is particularly invested in mobility technologies, not only for proper aging but also precision aging. No matter what our bodies may experience as we age, the orthopedic industry looks to improve that functionality so that we can continue living happy and mobile lives.
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emerging technologies in orthopedics

Emerging Technologies In Orthopedics

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and sports doctor, I am acutely aware of new modalities that can be used in this industry. Not only is this my passion, but I also believe that keeping track of these emerging technologies is vital for orthopedic growth and is a service that we should provide for our patients.
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Smart ways to stay strong

Smart Ways to Stay Strong at Any Age

If you’ve ever “felt strong” then you know what it feels like to have your muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments supporting your body weight with ease. Feeling strong allows you to move around at a better pace, be more upbeat, and it keeps you feeling happier and healthier. So what’s the secret to staying strong no matter your age?
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How to exercise for healthy aging

How to Exercise for Healthy Aging

As we age, it’s important to find ways to stay healthy and active. Exercise encourages strong bones and muscle strengthening, so it is important to continue to exercise even if our body does not always feel the best. You need to adjust to a new type of lifestyle as you age in order to find out what type of activity or movement works best for your newly aging body.
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XR Expo

Orthopedic Technology: What We Can Learn From Innovations Like Pokemon GO

By bringing Augmented Reality (AR) to everyday life, Pokemon GO, the wildly successful AR game, shared a powerful technology with the world. For gaming, AR has a lot of potential. But what shows an even greater potential is how AR can be used in applications for orthopedic technology and how AR can improve the way orthopedic surgeons and doctors treat patients.
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