Vision Without Execution is Just a Pipedream: Turning Your Biotech Idea Into a Reality

Biotech is an industry with the ability to transform how our society thinks and operates. It’s capable of creating impressive medical marvels and drastically improving our way of life.
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Additive Manufacturing and Orthopedics

Additive Manufacturing and Orthopedics Implants: 3D printing in the Medical Sector

It is not surprising that additive manufacturing (AM) has made quite the splash in the medical sector. Additive manufacturing makes intuitive sense for the medical industry as it opens up new avenues for both prescriptive and proactive methods.
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The Healthcare Revolution

The Healthcare Revolution: From AI to Personalized Surgery

As a healthcare professional, I constantly keep an eye on the latest innovations and developments in the field of sports medicine and orthopedics. This field continues to grow, but what we have witnessed in the past ten years is a significant jump in technological advancements, specifically advancements designed for patient assessment and personalization.
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New Orthopedic Design

Orthopedic Design: How new technologies are reshaping the development of orthopedic devices

As a surgical orthopedist and mobility expert, I am always looking for new and innovative technologies that are emerging in my industry. These technologies are not only propelling people forward (literally) but they are changing the way that we can operate on individuals, and allow people to think about ortho from a design perspective.
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Aging Technology

Aging Technology and Living More: My Take on the Active, Aging Body

As a health professional, I am passionate about more than simply improving people’s lives through surgery. Instead, I look at the full potential and capabilities of the human body and try to envision ways that we can, individually and collectively, improve our daily lives.
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Technologies and Orthopedics

Exponential Technologies and Orthopedics: Why a Collaborative Approach is Needed

Orthopedists aim to bring relief for those experiencing pain in their joints and ligaments. And with new technologies developing every day, it's no surprise that it is getting easier for orthopedists and orthopedic surgeons to recommend practical and personalized solutions.
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