Investment differences in fertility age range vs. menopausal/postmenopausal

We need to include menopausal and postmenopausal women in research efforts and biotechnological development.
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Vision Without Execution is Just a Pipedream: Turning Your Biotech Idea Into a Reality

Biotech is an industry with the ability to transform how our society thinks and operates. It’s capable of creating impressive medical marvels and drastically improving our way of life.
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The New Frontier of Dr-Patient Communication

The COVID pandemic has highlighted the drive for digital health. From telemed solutions to robots and AI, doctors needed to make changes more rapidly than they have been prepared for.
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Living Fuller, More Agile Lives

Everyone at one time or another tries to find the winning combination to living longer, healthier, and aging with grace. While death is inevitable, we can at least find ways to live fuller, more agile lives throughout all our years.
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Future of Sports Medicine

Exponential Technologies and the Future of Sports Medicine

Practitioners, orthopedic surgeons, and professionals in the sports medicine field are well aware of the emerging technologies available to improve their professional practice. What many of these professionals might not realize is the potential power that exponential technologies have, and the ways in which they can transform the field of sports medicine.
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Mind Body and Soul - mind body stress relief - Relaxing In The Sun

Stress Management: Rejuvenate the Mind, Body, and Soul

Last week, we determined that stress wreaks havoc on our health. Now it’s time to start at square one: Identifying your stress triggers. What symptoms of stress do you feel in your body? Headaches, digestive issues, muscle tension, low energy?
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