UPMC Sports Medicine provides comprehensive clinical care, training, and counseling designed to maximize the physical and mental performance of elite and recreational athletes over the age of 40. An active lifestyle is vital for maintaining health and happiness throughout middle age and beyond. But as people age, injuries – or the fear of injuries – can become increasingly formidable obstacle to athletic pursuits. UPMC sports Medicine’ unique program for mature athletes provides crucial support to keep them fit, functional and performing their best.



Developed by PRIMA program, this 12 week lifestyle changing program to assist independent adults to progress towards a fit and more healthy lifestyle through education and guided physical activity. By the end of the program participants will understand the components of the methods for achieving a more fit lifestyle and will progressively move from the couch to participating in a 5k (3.1 mile) walk/run. The program will utilize the resources and expertise of the UPMC Center of Sports medicine and expose a different segment of the population to the programs offered in our center.

Classes meet twice weekly on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.



PRIMA Athlete is designed to maximize performance and minimize injury in the fit and elite athlete over 40. Each athlete will benefit from an individual assessment of their physical fitness level and performance, strength, nutrition, mental fitness, and injury profile utilizing the performance resources available at the UPMC Center of Sports Medicine. This data will then be used to develop and implement a unique program to maximize the athlete’s individual competitive edge.

Pre-performance physical evaluation, injury assessment, and orthopedic care

  • cardiovascular fitness assessment
  • advanced peak performance assessment and customized program design
  • nutrition counseling
  • mental coaching
  • research participation
  • sport-specific kinetics and sport efficiency evaluation
Everyone over the age of 40 interested in or becoming or staying active can benefit from Northside Hospital Orthopedic Institute’s program for masters generally fit people, can maintain or increase their performance and prevent injuries. Adult-onset exercisers or those wishing to become more active can increase their activity and become fit.

For more information, please contact:
Vonda J. Wright, MD
Director of PRIMA: Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes
Phone: 855-NH-SPORT