Brains and Bliss

How Telehealth is Transforming The Healthcare Industry In Post Covid Times

Telehealth, or the ability to access health remotely, was implemented during COVID. It’s transformed the healthcare industry and it’s here to stay. Here’s my take on this digital transformation.
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The Brain

THRIVE Week 3: Prepare Your Attitude: Build a Better Brain

Are you THRIVE-ing?  I hope so!  In the last three weeks I’ve introduced to you my 4 step plan for building a better Body, Brain and ultimately more Bliss.  We’ve taken a look at ourselves and worked towards creating A Vision for what we want our lives to look like and who we really are. […]
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Body, Brains and Bliss

Body, Brains and Bliss! As an Orthopod, I began coaching my patients to change their bodies through fitness in order to save their mobility, a key factor in remaining vital and active. What I have learned, however, is that we are not only saving mobility but saving lives! Taking control of our physical bodies is […]
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