“How F.A.R. can you go?”

As an Orthopaedic Surgeon and Mobility doc, I want to keep you Active, Thriving and Moving for your best life.

F.A.R. stands for the 3 pillars of my approach to mobility.

F – Fortify

A – Achieve

R – Revive

F- FORTIFY your body for mobility and the BEST health.

Through this pillar we identify health risks, physical muscle imbalances and weaknesses, measure baseline fitness, build a foundation for solid mobility and evaluate and plan smart everyday nutrition.  “Fortify” means learning about the biology of aging, performance and health, pre/post testing of upper body, core and lower body strength, learning foam rolling, the dynamic warm up, exercises for total body fitness and the cool down stretch. The Fortify pillar guides you to the center of your best health to maximize your body, brains and ultimately bliss!

A- ACHIEVE maximum performance and minimize injury.

This is were we strategically plan A Vision for your mobility, whether recreational or competitive, and health by determining what you really want from your training while taking Action to get there. Achieving your mobility goals does not only mean priming you for competition but maximizing your mobility to look great, feel great and live longer.

R-REVIVE your body after a workout, race or injury.

This pillar is true sports medicine. Injury is the number one reason people stop moving and as a Sports Doc, I want to teach you to prevent and treat the common injuries that can side track your mobility with the best training, best treatment and a connection with your mobility doc!

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